Virtual Golf

Hit the Links Without Hitting into Lakes

Whether you’re a veteran golfer or a noob who just wants to get on the green without embarrassing themselves, I think we can all agree there are times when physically going out on the golf course doesn’t sound appealing. Bad weather, long waits, high costs, frustrating terrain, malevolent course-destroying gophers – you get the idea. Our virtual golf bays avoid all those rough patches in favor of faithfully rendered simulations of top-notch golf courses and in-depth analysis of your own game, with options ranging from casual practice to competitive league play.

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Endless Options: A Golf Experience Like No Other

Even if you’ve got a golf resume a mile long, you’ve never played the game like this! We use the highly-regarded TrackMan golf simulator to ensure a fascinating trip out on the course every time. Put together a foursome and play 18 holes on the other side of the world, or drop by solo and polish your skills on the dynamic driving range. Bring in your own clubs, or choose from the huge assortment we have on-site. Roll in wearing jeans and sneakers, or sporting golf shoes and the rest of your usual course getup (heck, go full Flintheart Glomgold with your outfit if you want; we’re not here to judge!). We even offer league play for our more ambitious golfers, with 8-week and 10-week options for teams of 2.

Get Your Golf Game on the Right Track

We know how much you golfer types crave analysis, always looking for areas to improve. That’s why we brought the TrackMan equipment and software to The Gym. TrackMan, well, tracks everything, using cutting-edge radar technology as well as built-in cameras. We’re talking shot trajectory, club speed, ball speed, spin axis, attack angle, you name it – every minute detail of your swing. And no matter how many courses you’ve checked off your list, TrackMaster can put you on one you haven’t experienced, from Japan to Iceland and everywhere in between. In the mood for an unconventional golf experience? The simulator also has games, so you can play a rousing game of capture the flag or just let off some steam smashing windows.

Golfing at the gym? Sure, why not?