Smash Bowling

Where Pigskin Meets Bowling Pins

“SmashBowling” is what we call the sensational combination of football and bowling. This rising sport offers backseat quarterbacks everywhere the chance to prove that they’ve got what they think Taysom Hill doesn’t! We’ve got 5 lanes ready for everyone from beginners to more experienced players. Looking for a real challenge? The Gym has tournaments and league play lined up on the weekends.

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Beer, Bowling & Throwing The Football - What's Not To Love?

You’ve seen it at the tailgates. You’ve seen it in the backyard. But now, you can see it in a freaking bar!

The goal of the game is simple: knock down your 10 pins before the opposing team can get their 10 pins down. SmashBowling can be played as doubles, mixed doubles or as part of our Kids League (if you’re of age). And, hey, we won’t be upset if you add a few rules of your own to the mix (hint, hint: the team that loses the round has to drink).

Game Rules:
The Basics & Set Up
  • Best of Five
  • Alternate offense and defense until one team gets all of their pins down
  • Choose who gets to throw first by coin toss, rock/paper/scissors or winner-goes-first rules (if you’re playing multiple rounds); the team that throws second can decide which side they want to defend from
  • Each pin board will be set 50 feet apart (from the back of the board), with a clean lane stretching between the two boards
  • Throw from the back edge of your lane or you can add a handicap where the player can throw from the front of the lane
  • Pins must be cleared from the board after each throw
  • Reset the pins after the game is done, shake hands and have a beer!
Penalties, Fouls & Other Rules
  • Redemption Rule: If one team knocks down all of their pins, the other team is given one last throw to tie the game; if they do, we’re going into Sudden Death Overtime*!
  • Sudden Death Overtime* rules are also invoked should there be no winner after 25 minutes
  • Cross the foul line? You lose your turn! Watch those feet.
  • The defenders cannot touch the football until AFTER it hits the ground, meaning it has to have a fair shot to hit the pins while airborne, but if it hits the ground before getting to the board? They can slap it away!
Penalty Shots

If you touch the ball before it has a chance to hit the pins, that means the offensive team gets to throw from the front line; if they were already operating from the front line, they get to move up an additional 8 feet for their throw (any player on the offensive team gets to throw the penalty shot AND they get the ball back)

Downed Pins
  • Pins can be downed by an offensive players throw, but they can also be considered “legally down” if the defender accidentally knocks it over while removing other down pins or if a errant football from another lane hits your pins – you have to be ready for anything!
  • If the ball passes the board, it is still live! However, the defending team is allowed to grab it before it hits a pin.
  • Should an earthquake rattle the board, knocking a pin down, that is considered a downed pin and the least of your worries
Quick Wins
  • If you’re skilled (or lucky) enough and can knock over JUST the center pin and no others, you immediately win
  • If you knock over all of the pins at once (like a strike in bowling), you immediately win
About The Sudden Death Overtime:

If you find yourself in Sudden Death, each team will place a single pin somewhere on their board. From there, you flip a coin to see who throws first. The team that threw the last football gets to call the coin in the air. First pin down wins – no chance for redemption here!

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