Corn Hole

It's Time To Bag It Up & Get Your Beer Game On

Ah, cornhole – the true American classic. Is there anything more relaxing than picking up the sack, sipping on a few beverages and getting way too competitive with your closest friends? We invite you to swing down to The Gym for singles, doubles or mixed doubles cornhole action! We also have competitive league play on Thursday nights and options for those under the age of 17 but still want to throw.

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It's Just Like Your Backyard But Bigger & Better!

The games are on. The atmosphere is lively. You never have to worry about running out of beer, getting food delivered or putting boards away! At The Gym, we cover all the bases for you so you can focus on having a good time and talking a little trash to your loved ones along the way. We pride ourselves on the vibe we have cultivated: Comfortable, safe, a little unpolished but still impeccably clean!

We All Know The Rules, But They're Here If You Need A Refresher

The Basics & Set Up
  • Cornhole boards should be set up 27 feet apart from each (front edge to front edge).
  • Each match is broken down into “innings;” during an inning, each player must throw all four of their bags. The inning isn’t over until all players have thrown all the bags.
  • The thrower must be within the designated thrower’s box or behind the foul line when they release the bag.
  • Unless otherwise agreed upon, the player must throw underhand.
  • The player/team who scored a point or more at the end of the inning gets to go first next. If neither scored, the player or team who pitched first in the previous inning gets to throw first again.
  • Throwing Cadence: Team A, Player 1 throws; Team B, Player 1 throws; Team A, Player 2 throws; Team B, Player 2 throws.
  • The game goes until one team gets to 21 points. The first player/team to reach (or exceed) that amount at the conclusion of an inning is the winner.
    • You may also play by “Exactly 21” rules. This means that if the team goes over the designated 21, they have to go back to 13 and the game keeps moving forward.
  • One the board: a bag on the board is worth one point
  • One in the whole: a bag in the hole is worth 3 points
  • Cancellation scoring: the points of one player cancel out those of their opponent; if they score more than their opponent, they get those points. (Ex. Team A scores 5 points, Team B scores 6 points – Team B nets 1 point to their total score.)
Foul Bag Violations

The penalty or the following fouls is to declare the bag a foul bag; it is then removed from the court:

  • A bag can’t be thrown when the player touches or crosses the foul line
  • A bag must be throw within the pitcher’s box
  • A bag cannot hit the ground before hitting the board
  • Bags cannot be removed before tallying the score
    • If it is, the offending team forfeits their remaining throws and gets the score for just the bags thrown before the violation
    • The non-offending team gets 12 points (as if they get 4 bags in the hole) – you do NOT want to make this mistake!

If you accidentally drop the bag, it is not considered a throw or a pitch. Pick it up and let it rip!

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