Gym Policies

Keep It Safe, Keep It Clean, Keep It Rowdy

Huddle in, squad – we’ve got to go over some really basic rules and regulations before we hit the lanes to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Remember: the best thrower is an educated thrower. Arm yourself with knowledge!

Each Activity Has Its Own Set Of Ground Rules:

Corn Hole Axe Throwing SmashBowling Virtual Golf


The Legal Liability Waiver:

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Attire & Shoes:

  • All throwers must wear closed-toe shoes
  • You have to keep your shoes and pants on at all times
  • If you’re wearing a band t-shirt, you run the risk of a staff member asking you to name at least three songs from that band so dress wisely!

Age Limits:

We do not have an age limit for most of our activities, but we do require throwers under the age of 18 be accompanied with a parent or guardian – someone who can legally sign their liability release. Cornhole and throwing the football around require a little less strength than sticking an axe into a target; for this reason, we ask that axe throwers be 11 years of age or older. Also, please watch after your kids. The Gym is a low pressure environment; the drinks are flowing, everyone is having a good time, but we do not want ANYTHING to ever happen to your child. Ever.

You must be 21 or older to drink alcohol here. No exceptions.

Behavior & Etiquette:

The Gym gets loud – and we love it! Hoot, holler, sing along to your favorite songs, indulge in some adult beverages and talk a little trash along the way. We only ask that you don’t let your smack talk get you into any altercations; keep it civil. If you are drinking, please prepare a designated driver or ride-share plan beforehand! We truly want to see you back here again.

Last, but not least, don’t get too sloppy during your stay. Axe throwing is safe but being too drunk can make tying your shoes a high-risk activity. If we find that you’re engaging in blatantly dangerous behavior, picking fights with other patrons or if you become severely intoxicated, we may revoke your privileges. And we do NOT want to do that.

At the end of the day, we’ve got one underlying standard that we ask all folks to abide by: Just Be Cool!

You’re a stickler for the rules! We like that. To reward such good behavior, tell the person booking your reservation “Just Be Cool” and get an additional 10% off your visit!

Let's Hit The Gym, Baby!