About Us

The Place To Freakin' Be In Denham Springs

The Gym is your playground. Safe but still tastefully unpolished, we pride ourselves in creating a welcoming atmosphere where you can kick back, have a few and throw your problems away! We invite you to get to know us a little better before swinging on by and seeing what we’re really made of.

Who We Are: Meet Kevin, The Head Dude In Charge

As the founder of The Gym, Kevin has been the brains behind this little operation since day 1. He picked the space, Feng Shui’d the place up and laid the foundation for endless fun. He has established a trusted crew of friendly and competitive people to help steer this ship toward countless football Sundays, workweek happy hours and amazing nights to remember.

Why We Do It: For You & You & A Liiittle Bit For Ourselves! 

It all started with a dream.

Well, not really.

It actually kicked off one momentous afternoon when Chuck began digging around on the ole Internet for something to do in the area. Go out to a bar? Throw an axe at something? Have his own party? And that’s when it hit him – it’s time to build something beautiful!

And on that fateful day, The Gym was born.

There’s a lot to do in our neck of the woods, but it often requires you to drive in between stops or get a bunch of ride shares. Forget that! The Gym acts as a single entertainment monolith, giving you everything you need from good food, great drinks and a full menu of stuff do in. Plus, we think it’s pretty fun to tell everyone you’re going to The Gym and then show up here for a great time!

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